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Our approach

We assist with migrating Microsoft SQL Server from on-prem to cloud, between clouds, to IaaS or PaaS cloud infrastructure.

Cloud charging models are based upon usage of compute resources so right-sizing of cloud infrastructure is critical for cost management in the cloud.

MyDBA utilizes our SQLBench telemetry capture platform to carefully measure compute resource usage, allowing optimal right-sizing of cloud infrastructure which won't blow your budget.

Database performance and costs in the cloud are directly determined by the infrastructure they are deployed upon.

Good database performance is easily accomplished with high levels of compute resources available in the cloud, but over-provisioning is also extremely costly so right-sizing is crucial to balancing performance with your budget.

MyDBA can help you right-size your cloud database infrastructure, ensuring you get the best performance value for money.

Deciding wisely between Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (Paas) is an important part of a successful cloud migration.

Measuring the elasticity in your database workload is crucial to choosing between IaaS and PaaS because highly elastic workloads can take advantage of significant cost savings available in PaaS, but inelastic workloads are often far cheaper on IaaS

MyDBA's SQLBench toolset is designed to help make this choice accurately and can save you from financially wasteful decisions when migrating Microsoft SQL Server databases to the cloud.

Cloud options for Microsoft SQL Server licenses build upon the on prem Enterprise and Standard Editions with Web Edition and SQL Azure (PaaS) also being available.

These additional options provide licensing scenarios that are not avilable on prem which can allow significant cost savings if chosen wisely and implemented well.

MyDBA can help you realise significant savings by choosing the best license options for your workload whilst also achieving the highest levels of performance and avilability.

Inefficient queries are not only slow, they are also expensive due in the cloud to the compute based charging model.

Tuning database workloads is more important than ever when migrating to the cloud & should always form part of a competent cloud migration plan.

Our extensive expertise in tuning Microsoft SQL Server queries and configurations can yield significant cost savings in cloud migration projects due to the reduction in usage of compute resources.

Modern clouds offer new High Availability and Disaster Recoverability options, beyond what is cost effectively possible on prem.

MyDBA can help you take maximum advantage from these new possibilities, greatly enhancing your Hight Availability / Disaster Recoverability readiness.

Cloud migrations can greatly reduce costs and improve performance if they are planned and executed well. MyDBA can help guide you to a successful migration of yor Mirosoft SQL Server databases to the cloud, ensuring excellent performance, lower operational and licensing cost and a better overall outcome.

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Engagement Options

MyDBA offers clound migration services under standard Time & Materials engagements, charged monthly on a fixed daily rate.

Service Level Agreement

We performance cloud migration projects as standard services under our DBA Support Service Level Agreements

Time & Materials

Cloud migration projects are offered on a Time & Materials basis, charged monthly on a fixed daily rate

Serving All Industries

Our expert technical team's experience has been gained through many years of hand on work in a wide variety of industries globally. Here are a few examples.


Banking and financial services businesses require the highest levels of availability and performance from their database systems, to ensure transaction processing integrity, avilability and disaster recoverability for core accounts management, branch & ATM networks and investment platforms. MyDBA experts help our banking & financial services clients achieve these important goals every day.


Telecommunications and Internet Service Providers utilise Microsoft SQL Server databases for usage metering, billing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence. MyDBA has many years experience helping out customers in these industries.


Matter Management Systems, Timesheeting and Billing systems are all crucial to the legal services industry. MyDBA has supported many law firms keep their database systems running smoothly so their lawyers can concentrate on legal matters.