Cost Management

Cost Management

MyDBA's CUTDown cost reduction methodology can help you reduce licensing and operational costs whilst also improving performance.

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How we reduce costs

MyDBA's CUTDown cost optimization methodology cuts Microsoft SQL Server licensing and operational costs by consolidation, reducing under-utilized resources, tuning query workloads and downgrading licenses and infrastructure where it is possible and beneficial to do so.

Reducing the number of servers and installed instances by consolidation has a direct and significant impact on licensing, infrastructure and operational costs. Excellence in consolidation of database systems involves analysis of individual system sociability, security boundaries and resource sharing, and a thorough knowledge of licensing terms. MyDBA experts bring decades of consolidation experience with all of these critical tasks to make consolidation a powerful cost saving technique whilst also improving performance and security practises

Paying for un-used or under-utilized resources is simply wasting money. We measure and identify over-specified resources which can be trimmed back without harming system performance to yield cost savings which are often significant. Increases in CPU, Memory and Storage performance in recent years often allows reduction in the number of type of these resources to achieve the same levels of performance today to when they mayhave been specified years ago. We carefully measure resource utilization using our SQLBench platform to make well informed decisions about right-sizing resources and un-used resources such as old databases are also de-commissioned where possible.

Inefficient queries cause excessive consumption of compute resources which translates to higher licensing, infrastructure and operational costs, as well as frustrating customers or system users. Our SQLBench platform monitoring platform identifies such queries and our experts can help you tune them, using whichever options are available including indexing, re-writing queries, re-structuring databases, re-configuring systems or even working with software developers to improve client software.

Changes to feature bundling in recent years often means that Enterprise editions of Microsoft SQL Server can be downgraded to Standard edition, or even Web edition if your systems are deployed to the cloud. Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), Database Compression, Change Data Capture (CDC) and Table Partitioning are all features which were previously only available in Enterprise edition but are now available in Standard edition and most are even in Web edition. Standard edition allows for up to 48 vCPUs and 128GB memory and Web edition allows up to 32 vCPUs anf 64 GB memory, which is sufficient for many systems previously deployed on Enterprise Edition but at a fraction of the cost.

Our cost optimization services have helped many companies reduce their Microsoft SQL Server database license and operational costs substantially. Take advantage of our experience and let us help you do the same.

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Our cost optimization process

MyDBA is a recognised leader in helping businesses reduce their Microsoft SQL Server licensing and operational costs.

Our innovative CUTDown cost reduction methodology utilizes automated tools and an expert team to maximize cost reductions whilst also improving performance, availability and security at the same time.

Cost reductions of 50% or more are common in previously un-optimized environments, and we can also be retained on an on-going basis to ensure costs do not increase unexpectedly in future.

A unique part of MyDBA's service is our willingness to base fees on a share of the savings the client makes, whether software, hardware or outsourced service costs. With this approach MyDBA shares the risk of the project and ensures a clear ROI for the client. Other pricing models are offered if this "Savings Share" model does not suit, including T&M engagements.

  • 1

    Requirements and scope gathering

    An initial, no obligation workshop is conducted with you to discuss our cost optimization process and define engagement scope.

  • 2

    Statement of Work

    Based on initial scope gathering, an estimated Statement of Work is sent to you.

  • 3

    Collection of current inventory and costs

    An inventory of your existing infrastructure and software licensing is documented including operational and license costs.

  • 4

    Telemetry Collection

    Installation and configuration of MyDBA's "SQLBench" monitoring and telemetry capture platform, which is left running for a period defined in the initial scope.

  • 5

    Telemetry analysis

    Our experts and analytical software identify optimization opportunities, based on collected telemetry

  • 6


    We provide you with a written set of recommendations, with itemised cost savings.

  • 7

    Meet and review

    We meet to review and discuss our recommendations and agree upon which will be implemented.

  • 8


    You can implement our recommendattions entirely yourself, or we can perform the implementation with you or entirely for you.

Engagement Options

We offer two engagement options for our Cost Optimization service. You can choose between simple "Time & Materials" (daily rate) or "Savings Share" options. In our "Savings Share" engagement model, we charge you a percentage of the differential between your current costs and the costs saved from our engagement.

Savings Share

With this approach MyDBA shares the risk of the project and ensures a clear ROI for the client. After initially quantifying your existing costs and making recommendations to reduce costs, we charge a percentage of the savings. In other words, we only earn if you save.

Service Level Agreement

If you enter a Service Level Agreement for database support services, cost optimization is included as a standard service along with monitoring and regular review.

Time & Materials

Traditional Time & Materials engagements are also offered and may be more appealing if it seems apparent to you that a large savings in cost is likely to be achieved.

Serving All Industries

Our expert technical team's experience has been gained through many years of hand on work in a wide variety of industries globally. Here are a few examples.


Startups are obsessively agile, with fast paced deployment of change and extremely high levels of scalability and performance a necessity for survival. These objectives are sometimes contradictory but MyDBA's expert technical team have helped many startups achieve their dreams.


Many learning management systems, knowledge bases, enrolement platforms and other educational service solutions are built on Microsoft SQL Server. We help our educational sector clients focus on teaching while we keep their database platforms out of detention.


Governments need security, stability, and high performance from the database systems that support public infrastructure. Our expert team of database professionals help governments realise these challenging objectives with the Microsoft SQL Server database platform.