What we do

We help you improve performance, reduce cost, increase availability, security and recoverability of your Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Our database professionals are experts in Microsoft SQL Server licensing and can help you eliminate financial waste through right sizing SQL Server installations and their physical or virtual, on-prem or cloud infrastructure.

Key services

Our database services can be broken down into four main categories, but we also offer a variety of other services that complement and support these four staples.

Cost Management

We help you manage the cost of your investment in Microsoft SQL Server licenses and cloud or on-prem infrastructure.

Performance Tuning

We collect and review performance telemetry before making recommendations to tune queries or adjust infrastructure to optimize performance.

Cloud Migration

We assist with migrating Microsoft SQL Server from on-prem to cloud, between clouds, to IaaS or PaaS cloud infrastructure.

DBA Support

We offer full service 24x7x365 DBA Support SLAs for your existing DBA team, for when they are on holidays, sick or move to other roles.

Serving All Industries

Our expert technical team's experience has been gained through many years of hand on work in a wide variety of industries globally. Here are a few examples.


FinTech customers expect great user experience from their platforms so database performance, high availability and recoverability are all crucial for success in the FinTech sector. MyDBA's extensive experience with fine-tuning and configuring the Microsoft SQL Server database platform helps our FinTech customers succeed in these important objectives.


Healthcare providers require mission-critical levels of reliability for clinical systems, patient management systems, analytics and regulatory integrations. MyDBA's expert team of specialists have extensive experience with healthcare providers at all levels from government agencies, hospital groups, clinical practices and analytical service providers.

Other industries

Microsoft SQL Server databases are used widely throughout all industries and government agencies. High performance, operational effiency, security, high availability and disaster recoverability are important to every business that operates a database and we can help you to make improvements in all of these areas.

Additional Services

Going beyond our feature services, our skilled technical team can also assist you with the following

A systems audit provides you with a thorough report on your Microsoft SQL Server Database systems, including installation inventory, license obligations, performance bottlenecks, infrastructure suitability and security settings

We can help you perform a successful DR test

Keeping SQL Server up to date is important to maintain a modern platform and avoid expiration of Microsoft support. Our expert DBA team have performed thousands of successful version and edition upgrades and downgrades and we can help you succeed with yours.

We offer professional, SLA-based technical support and maintenance services for our own and third-party solutions. Our experts make sure that the client’s environment is properly configured and patched at all times, and help update the software to ensure its uninterrupted work at all times.



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