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Do you need expert support for your Microsoft SQL Server systems?

We have solutions to either enhance your existing team or fully out-source your DBA support.

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Why DBA Support

MyDBA's DBA Support service offers many benefits over hiring a full time DBA team.

Our DBAs bring decades of experience from all industries to our clients, without going on holidays or moving to other companies.

Fully outsourcing or just supplimenting your existing DBA team with escalation or out of hours services can bring many benefits, such as:

Engaging our DBA support service brings the collective expertise of our DBA team, along with their experiences working with our global client base rather than just the experience of an individual DBA.

DBA employees rightly deserve their holidays but this still leaves your databases unsupported while they are away.

Engaging our DBA support service means your databases are always supported, every day hour of the day & every day of the year.

Global distribution of our DBA team also means our DBA team take their holidays at different times of the year, based on their hemispheric location and the timing of their cultural holidays.

If a DBA employee accepts a position at another company, their knowledge and experience with your systems can be lost and difficult to replace.

Engaging our DBA team eliminates this risk as we will not leave for another position in another company.

Our DBA support service usually costs a fraction of a full time DBA's salary.

We accomplish this through a combination of software automation using our "SQLBench" platform and also by utilizing our DBA team's ability to stabilize Microsoft SQL Server database systems so they operate more smoothly and require less support.

Our DBA support team work with customers in all indsutries and of all scales, using all of Microsoft SQL Server's features.

We bring this extremely diverse and deep experience to our clients when they engage us.

Engagement Options

MyDBA offers DBA support either under a formal Service Level Agreement (SLA) or a more ad-hoc "Time & Materials" (daily rate) basis. Our SLAs offer Service Tiers, Response Time Objectives (RTO), Recovery Time Objectives (RPO) and fixed annual pricing based upon the number of systems supported.

Performance Monitoring

If you just want monitoring and alerting, we offer our monitoring platform "SQLBench" for a flat monthly fee. Read more about SQLBench here

Service Level Agreement

Under our SLA, we undertake all of the usual tasks performed by full time DBAs to support existing systems including Monitoring, Backups, Performance Tuning, DR, Security etc. Writing of code, reports or other developement is not included in this service but can be negotiated separately.

Time & Materials

Ad-hoc support and consulting services are also offered on a Time & Materials basis, charged at a fixed daily rate. All services are offered under T&M engagements including ad-hoc support through to development consulting.


Our monitoring platform "SQLBench" has been purpose built for remotely supporting Microsoft SQL Server.

SQLBench is a cloud based monitoring platform, used to collect database telemetry centrally with a web-based portal, dashboarding and API.

Our DBAs use the SQLBench portal wherever possible, rather than logging on directly to database servers via RDP. This increases our productivity and also improves security and stability of production database servers by minimizing remote access to them.


SQLBench also offers sophisticated, performance analytics, cusomtizable dashboard reporting and mobile alerting which we also utilize in our DBA Support service

Serving All Industries

Our expert technical team's experience has been gained through many years of hand on work in a wide variety of industries globally. Here are a few examples.


Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Distribution, Business Intelligence, HR and Financial systems are all important database applications in the Retail industry.


Engineering businesses depend heavily upon a wide range of database systems including Computer Assisted Design, Knowledge Bases, Occupational Health & Safety and others.


The automotive industry utilises a wide range of database software through design, manufacturing, distribution, retail, parts and servicing indsutry sectors. MyDBA's expert team supports Microsoft SQL Server database systems throught all automotive industry sectors.